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We carry the following Items

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Medical Equipment







Hospital Bed

Over the bed table

Lift Recliner

Respiratory Equipment


Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide 5650D (5 years warranty) bbc 438-291

Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide Traveler 6710D bbc 337-071

Devilbiss PulmoMate 4650D (3 yr wty) bbc 535-054

Devilbiss PulmoSonic 5500D bbc 441-725

Pulmo aid accessaries( tubing set, mask, filter etc.)

Peak flow Meter Omron PF 9940 bbc 710-723

Peak flow Meter Truzone bbc 017-251

Pocketpeak low-range 50-400 LPM bbc 431-908

Pocketpeak universal 50-720 LPM bbc 431-916

Mask Adult aerosol bbc 360-479

Mask Pediatric aerosol bbc 438-333

Aerochamber(need prescription)

Devilbiss Vacu-Aide portable Aspirator (1 yr wnt) 7304S bbc 379-107

Devilbiss Bubble Humidifier 215ml capacity HUM16 bbc 337-220 50/cs

Oxygen Concentrator (need prescription)

Oxygen Tank (need prescription)

Oxygen mask

Nasal Cannula bx of 50 Devilbiss CAN00 bbc 342-105

Nasal Cannula with 7 feet of tubing CAN70 bbc 734-236

Horizon Auto Adjust CPAP Devilbiss 7354D bbc 345-132

Horizon Bi-level Devilbiss 7355D bbc 342-485

Mask small Seal- ring cushion for any CPAP DV7351D-668 bbc 566-844

Mask medium Seal- ring cushion for any CPAP DV7351D-669 bbc 565-622

Mask large Seal- ring cushion for any CPAP DV7351D-670 bbc 565-556

Headgear Strap-style Devilbiss 7351D-617 bbc 567-784

Headgear cap-style Devilbiss 7351D-627 bbc 567-032

Oxygen tubing 7 feet 50/cs Devilbiss OST07 bbc 341-347

Oxygen tubing 25 feet each Devilbiss OST25 bbc 337-147

Oxygen tubing 50 feet each Devilbiss OST50 bbc 337-162

Air Purifier Honeywell Env. portable 150CFM (12’*14’rm) 61500 bbc 235-044

Air Purifier Hepatech 25 (10’*12’ rm) Hunter 30025 bbc 317-065

Humidifier Brite-life Evaporative (1 gal) Kaz 3000 bbc 524-173

Humidifier ultrasonic sunbeam 696 bbc 858-563

New Med Doser for MDI NewMed 110-565 bbc 637-009


Diabetes Equipment






Lancet device

Insulin pump

Syringe (need prescription)

Breast pump for breast feeding

Diabetes Shoes

Diabetes socks

Other Supplies


Back support

Maternity support

Scar remover tape

TENS (need prescription)

Bathroom supplies


Body Fat analizer bbc 276-964

Thermoscan (Thermometer) bbc 195-057

Thermoscan les filter bbc 521-138

Flexable tip digital thermometer bbc 234-211

Otoscope set omron r-3185 bbc 760-579

Blood Pressure Monitor

Cholesterol measurer

Anticoagulant measurer

Feeding pump

Ostomy Supplies


Wound care

Moist Heating Pad(electric)

Heating pad moist: Thermophore standard (14"*27") battlecreek 055 bbc235-788

Heating pad moist: sunbeam standard (14"*27") sunbeam 763 bbc 202-754

Massager body pro lumiscope bbc 745-984

Pedler exerciser(leg) battle creek 315 bbc 234-260

Pedal exercisr (arm/leg) rubbermaid P552-00 bbc 031-229

Treadmill walkabout (245LB/max.) battle creek 136 bbc 234-419

Exercise bike pulsestar battle creek 017 bbc 232-918

Basic ENT Kit bbc 270-603

Basic Ear check kit bbc 259-846

Home Test

Clearplan easy (Ovalation Test) cdh-677-191

First Response 1 step(Ovalation test) (double) cdh-768-030

Ovuquick self test 1 step(Ovalation) cdh300-950

Ovuquick self test 1 step (Ovalation) (9 test) cdh 588-962

Cholestochek (cholesterol test) (2 test) bbc 990-481

Skin Growth Monitoring system (one family kit) bbc 808-311

URI test for Diabetes (3 test kit) bbc 990-499

AZO test strips (Urinary tract infection test) (3 test strips) bbc 103-580

UTI Home screening test kit (6 test strips/cups) bbc 705-848


Medi-Cal/Medi-Care Coverage

u9.gif (564 bytes) Cane, Quad-Cane(Arthirtis)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Crutches,Walker   (Arthritis)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Commode(Bedside portable toilet)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Bath Bench (MediCal)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Raised Toilet Seat(MediCal)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Bathtub Grab Bars(MediCal)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Transfer Bench (MediCal)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Seat Lift Chair (MediCare)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Vacuum Erection Device(MediCare)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Blood Glucose Monitor (Insulin)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Hospital Bed
u9.gif (564 bytes) Pressure Pad,Alternating w/pump
u9.gif (564 bytes) Electric Heating Pads
u9.gif (564 bytes) Wheelchairs(Manual/Motorized)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Nebulizer(Asthma)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Oxygen Concentrators, Tank
u9.gif (564 bytes) Breast Pump Kit
u9.gif (564 bytes) TENS(Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator)
u9.gif (564 bytes) Infusion Pumps
u9.gif (564 bytes) IV Pole
u9.gif (564 bytes) Enteral Nutrition, Parentaral Nutrition

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